It is estimated that 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school every year. That is less than 2% of last year’s graduating seniors.

Of these 65,000, only 5-10% enroll in an institution of higher education.

Even fewer go on to pursue graduate degrees.


Our Students

Have lived in the United States for most of their lives. They have completed K-12 education, they have contributed to their communities, and they have obtained college degrees despite immeasurable hurdles. While undocumented students are legally able to pursue any educational program of their choice, they are not eligible for federally funded student aid. Furthermore, more than half of US states do not allow their undocumented students to pay in-state tuition fees.  

Although little data exists regarding how many undocumented students are able to successfully complete college and pursue an advanced degree, we have met undocumented students in law school, medical school, business school, masters programs, PhDs, and beyond. Unfortunately, for most of these students, completing their advanced degree remains a source of great stress due to the high cost of education and limited financial resources.